Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Boston Women's Memorial...

The Boston Women’s Memorial consists of three bronze sculptures – a tribute to the lives of three women who made important contributions to Boston's rich history: presidential advisor Abigail Adams, women's rights activist Lucy Stone and poet Phillis Wheatley.

Couldn’t think of three finer more female looking specimens to reproduce the memorial than Luke, John and Chris really!

To the right we find Luke as Phillis Wheatley!

Gracing the middle Chris becomes Lucy Stone!

And finally, holding his twig proudly to our left, John is a deadringer for Abigail Adams!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Crossbow Cracks...

Hiya. My apologies for going AWOL once again. Unfortunately I am going to be away from this Wednesday also for around ten days on holiday, but, rest assured, I’ll post up some statue snaps between now and then, and will be also collecting some more fine examples of the art of statue imitation when I head off on the travels.

Continuing to alternate between Boston and Stockholm, tonight we return to the Swedish capital. Housemate John had his quick wits about him to use his scarf when imitating this statue of a Swedish chap loading up a crossbow. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so sensible when he immediately put his scarf back on, not realising that his shoes had been walking on cold ice all day and hence a cold neck was his reward!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Impersonating Paisley...

Continuing another very occasional series of Celebrities Stood By Their Statue (previous celebs include Bert and Frankie Dettori), tonight we introduce Ian Paisley, stood by a statue of Ian Paisley, although I’ll leave it to you to decide whether he is deserving of a ‘celebrity’ tag.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three Is The Magic Number...

We sail across a couple of oceans back to Boston, Massachusetts, this evening. Given that there are still quite a few statues to post from this picturesque city, I thought I would post not one, not two, but three up this evening, each featuring the remarkable imitating exploits of friend Luke, whom, by the look of his attire, managed to Stand By his Boston statue three times in one day. Three cheers for that I say!

The first statue features an Adams, although sadly not related. Samuel Adams is highly thought of in Boston for his role in organising what became known as the Boston Tea Party, in which he and others attempted to prevent cargoes of cheap tea being imported in to the city by boarding the ships and destroying the cargoes. I must say this is highly irregular behaviour of an Adams, as yours truly and the rest of the family Adams over here like nothing more than to settle down to a nice cuppa tea and a sit down, preferably with a tasty slice of cake.

One of my favourite from the Boston collection is this one featuring Luke riding a bench (using far more grace than myself imitating St George a couple of days ago). A noteworthy effort with the headgear it must be said. Looking at the name on the statue I think the man on the horse is Paul Revere, so revered in the Beastie Boys song of the same name, and also part of the Boston Tea raider gang.

Last, but not least, we see Luke having a sit down and a read, alongside a statue of someone have a sit down and a read.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Dragon Slaying Difficulties...

This week I am going to continue to mix it up with photos from Stockholm and Boston. There is a delightful old town area in Stockholm, known as the Gamla Stan, which full of little cobbled streets and coffee/cake shops. In one of the small plazas you’ll stumble upon this statue of a gothic looking knight brandishing his huge sword, while perched upon an evil looking armoured horse, slaying a dragon. In contrast, in the bottom right hand corner of the photo you’ll find a cowardly looking bloke called John dressed up in several layers because of the cold, waving his hands around like a bit of a plank, while perched upon a small wall slaying at thin air.

All in front of a fairly large crowd of bemused onlookers. It was a difficult statue to imitate this one I can tell you…

By all accounts, the knight in question is Saint George, who we know over here as the patron saint of England. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link between George and Sweden. According to Wikipedia, the legend of Saint George slaying the dragon used to be considered factual, but this belief has been progressively abandoned over time!

As it was a beutiful ornate looking statue, I took a closer photo, which I have posted below.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Imitating Inflatables...

Having not posted myself for a while until a couple of days ago, it also strikes me that it has been a bit of time since I bigged up the Ultimate Olympian. So here’s a couple of shots of the Ultimate Olympian stood (well sat actually) by his huge great inflatable statue on a bike. These pix were taken just before he was about to take on the London Triathlon in August last year. A moment of calm before the impending storm if you like. Bravo to the Ultimate Olympian!

If anyone else out there has imitated any huge great inflatable things then please send in the evidence!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Swedish Statue Sisters...

Looking at the posts over the last couple of months, it strikes me that you haven’t seen a picture of my ugly mug since early November, and so this evening I’m gonna be a little self indulgent and post this one from a recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

Having a first walk about the delightful city centre of Stockholm with housemate John, this was one of the first things that caught our site, so, naturally, we had to get our imitating hats on. And what a fine statue it was to imitate too, featuring a couple of naked ladies. As you can see it was a bit on the chilly side to strip off, but above I managed to conjure up a makeshift bust by shoving a jumper under my coat, while John below also manages to create a lovely fake chest, as well as utilising his bag into a makeshift bucket. Beautiful.

Sadly, I can’t really find much info about the statue on the interweb, although once again I took a cheeky snap of the plaque adorning the statue. I do believe that Systrarna is Swedish for sisters, but that is about all I can reveal…

Monday, January 09, 2006

Hail The Return Of Flat Capped Man...

Evening all. Quick post tonight…

Last year we had a couple of sightings of the mysterious enigma that is the flat capped man statue (here and here), and tonight it gives me much pleasure to say that he returns! The latest sighting is in New Zealand. Thanks To Kev from Oxford for sending this one in, and, although he hasn’t quite mastered the imitation, he was smoking a fag at the time, so we have to forgive him for that.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Boston Baseball Brilliance...

Prior to Christmas I began to publish a few statues from Luke, Chris and housemate John’s trip to Boston last September, and we continue with this humungous series this evening. One of the main reasons they travelled out to Boston was to catch the famous baseball team – the Boston Red Sox – in action.

Outside the stadium stands this great statue of Ted Williams, presenting a baseball cap to a small child. This is quite superbly re-enacted by the athletic Luke, stood presenting a cap to Chris. I could go into details in to how good a player was and why he was making this presentation, but is all described on the plaque adorning the statue, which the guys took the time out to photograph, and is reproduced below.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Honeymoon Homage...

Tonight we pay the utmost homage to Rebekah and husband Dave, who spent some time while on their honeymoon in San Francisco to imitate some statues. We here at statue towers are mightily honoured that they should take the time out to do this. The picture below features Rebekah at the Asian Art Museum, while the above picture features a massive head. Top work!

Voting continues on the Statue Of The Year 2005 polls, but I am wondering whether there is just a little bit of tactical voting going on (with a grand total of 24 votes on the first poll, and a whopping 365 votes on the second as I write)!

With hindsight, it may have been better to limit people to one vote, but then how are you are supposed to pick just the one statue when there is such a fine array to choose from?! Feel free to continue voting anyway, and perhaps I’ll publish the winning pictures once again.

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 1

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 2

It would appear that I have got this internet poll malarkey sussed now, so expect much more polling fun in the future…

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stand By Your Supersized Sword...

Big thanks to David Getty for sending in tonight’s snap of himself brandishing a massive sword! Personally, I dream most evenings about brandishing such a sword. The monument is found in Washington DC and is a memorial to those who fought in both the World Wars.

Further to last night’s shambolic effort of attempting to set up a poll to vote for your statue of the year, 2005, I have had another go this evening. Let’s hope this works a bit better. Unfortunately, I am only allowed to put ten pictures into a poll, and, given that it is impossible to limit the yearly poll to ten, I have set up two polls containing 20 of my favourite pictures of the year. Feel free to vote for as many as you wish*. Just click on the links below.

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 1

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 2

* Apologies to Ballerina, who, along with myself, for some reason appeared to be the only folks who were able to vote on last night’s poll, but I have had to reset the count, so hope you are able to vote again.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Where Have All The Statues Gone?

I hear you ask?!

Greetings and happy 2006 to all who stumble upon this website from time to time. I hope you all had a lovely festive period. I took a total break from all things computers, which was nice, and so have only just returned to the blogsphere.

First of all, I have decided to make an important alteration to the Stand By Your Statue mandate. You may recall that a few months ago, I decided that a vague plan for this site was to obtain a picture of someone stood by their statue in every capital city on this planet. I have since decided that this was a slightly foolish idea, and so have settled upon revising this to simply posting a photo of a statue and imitator in just every country of the world…

Whilst I am here I thought I’d share a few statistics from Stand By Your Statue in 2005. Given that the vague plan was to keep this going for six months or so, I am kind of surprised to still be here almost one year later, so thanks again to all who have commented and contributed. There are still many more statues and statistics in the archives too….

And so, the vital statistics!

Number of countries covered: 24 (out of 192, and so we are a whopping 12.5% nearer to achieving the above goal!)

Most popular statue countries (in order): United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil.

Number of statues posted: 140

Number of Australian Big Things posted: 2

Number of Monkey statues: 8

Number of Lion/Tiger statues (Grrrrr): 5

Finally, I have attempted to set up a couple of polls so that you can vote for your favourite statue moment of the year. These contain twenty of the finest statues as picked by me. Feel free to vote for as many statues as you want. Hopefully it'll work!

Statue Of The Year Part 1

Statue Of The Year Part 2

Oh, and this statue (or rather) non-statue was found in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden, where I was fortunate to visit in December. It wasn’t me who stole it before you ask...