Monday, January 30, 2006

Crossbow Cracks...

Hiya. My apologies for going AWOL once again. Unfortunately I am going to be away from this Wednesday also for around ten days on holiday, but, rest assured, I’ll post up some statue snaps between now and then, and will be also collecting some more fine examples of the art of statue imitation when I head off on the travels.

Continuing to alternate between Boston and Stockholm, tonight we return to the Swedish capital. Housemate John had his quick wits about him to use his scarf when imitating this statue of a Swedish chap loading up a crossbow. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so sensible when he immediately put his scarf back on, not realising that his shoes had been walking on cold ice all day and hence a cold neck was his reward!

1 comment:

Ballerina said...

Well, better a cold neck than a crossbow bolt to the chest. Looking foreward to the new SBYS additions. Good holiday, Statue John.