Thursday, January 05, 2006

Honeymoon Homage...

Tonight we pay the utmost homage to Rebekah and husband Dave, who spent some time while on their honeymoon in San Francisco to imitate some statues. We here at statue towers are mightily honoured that they should take the time out to do this. The picture below features Rebekah at the Asian Art Museum, while the above picture features a massive head. Top work!

Voting continues on the Statue Of The Year 2005 polls, but I am wondering whether there is just a little bit of tactical voting going on (with a grand total of 24 votes on the first poll, and a whopping 365 votes on the second as I write)!

With hindsight, it may have been better to limit people to one vote, but then how are you are supposed to pick just the one statue when there is such a fine array to choose from?! Feel free to continue voting anyway, and perhaps I’ll publish the winning pictures once again.

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 1

Statue Of The Year 2005 Part 2

It would appear that I have got this internet poll malarkey sussed now, so expect much more polling fun in the future…

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Ballerina said...

I think that Dave's picture is positively the funniest!! But that's because a girl took it!!!