Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three Is The Magic Number...

We sail across a couple of oceans back to Boston, Massachusetts, this evening. Given that there are still quite a few statues to post from this picturesque city, I thought I would post not one, not two, but three up this evening, each featuring the remarkable imitating exploits of friend Luke, whom, by the look of his attire, managed to Stand By his Boston statue three times in one day. Three cheers for that I say!

The first statue features an Adams, although sadly not related. Samuel Adams is highly thought of in Boston for his role in organising what became known as the Boston Tea Party, in which he and others attempted to prevent cargoes of cheap tea being imported in to the city by boarding the ships and destroying the cargoes. I must say this is highly irregular behaviour of an Adams, as yours truly and the rest of the family Adams over here like nothing more than to settle down to a nice cuppa tea and a sit down, preferably with a tasty slice of cake.

One of my favourite from the Boston collection is this one featuring Luke riding a bench (using far more grace than myself imitating St George a couple of days ago). A noteworthy effort with the headgear it must be said. Looking at the name on the statue I think the man on the horse is Paul Revere, so revered in the Beastie Boys song of the same name, and also part of the Boston Tea raider gang.

Last, but not least, we see Luke having a sit down and a read, alongside a statue of someone have a sit down and a read.

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