Thursday, January 12, 2006

Imitating Inflatables...

Having not posted myself for a while until a couple of days ago, it also strikes me that it has been a bit of time since I bigged up the Ultimate Olympian. So here’s a couple of shots of the Ultimate Olympian stood (well sat actually) by his huge great inflatable statue on a bike. These pix were taken just before he was about to take on the London Triathlon in August last year. A moment of calm before the impending storm if you like. Bravo to the Ultimate Olympian!

If anyone else out there has imitated any huge great inflatable things then please send in the evidence!


Rufus fan said...

What, no lycra?

And no fetching inflatable blue hat?

Ballerina said...

Statue John, you forgot the most important "accessory". . . .a bottle of Michelob!