Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Marriage Monuments…

I’m going to post a few statues from Italy over the coming weeks. Judging by the truly ridiculous amount of statues I saw in around six days in the country earlier on this year, I’d have to say that Italy would probably come near the top of the table in the statue-per-capita league…so there’s plenty to come.

I very fortunate to attend the wedding of good friend Luke in a lovely villa just outside the gorgeous Tuscan town of Lucca in June earlier on this this year. There we all were all mingling in a very ornate room before the ceremony when out of the corner of my eye…oh yes, a statue. Never one to miss a trick, I snuck alongside for a quick imitation before the vows! This will probably be the only statue that I stand next to at a wedding ceremony, as well as being highly probable that it’ll be the only one I stand next to in a suit.

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