Monday, December 03, 2007

Emulating Edmondson…

Ahem. I’ve been AWOL again. I really am rubbish at updating this site, and I keep being touched by unexpected folk who say they take the occasional peek at this place….must do better Mr Adams!

Anyway, I’ve been prompted to post this picture tonight by a friend who took this picture in January this year, and then emailed it to me again today thinking perhaps that I hadn’t seen it…..when in reality he had sent it to ten months ago, it’s just that I hadn’t quite got around to posting it yet!

So, excitingly, we are resurrecting the Celebrity Stand By Your Statue genre this evening, and tonight’s celebrity stood by his own statue is Mr Mark Edmondson! Every year at the Australian Open tennis tournament a new Australian player is inducted in to it’s tennis hall of fame on Australia day (which conveniently occurs during the tournament). Induction is recognized by a bronze bust (some of which we’ve featured on this very site), and last January Mark Edmondson was the latest player to be immortalised in bronze.

Above is the photo that Mr Poll took whilst he was present at the ceremony (thanks for sending it in all those months ago!), whilst below is a slightly clearer press photo from the occasion. As you can see he’s lost a bit of hair since his tennis playing days, but he still sports an absolutely stunning ‘tache!

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