Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rodin Delights...

Parks do seem to be the perfect place to host a whole multitude of statues don’t they? Hurray for parks. We’ve had a fair few replications from the notorious Statuepark recently, and this evening we make a return visit to the beautiful Rodin Gardens, in Paris…

The beautiful gardens house a famous sculpture garden, featuring works by the French artist Augustine Rodin, as impersonated by SwissToni and Caitlin on a trip earlier on this year. So, here’s a guided tour around a few of the exhibits:

Around an ornamental pool stand the statues of Eve, as modelled by Caitlin above, and Adam, which SwissToni tackles below.

This pose does bring back some vivid memories of his cricket bowling action some 15 years ago.

Also around the pond one finds the Shadow statue, as bravely modelled by ST above (despite people being sat on the bench nearby and peaking over the hedge at him).

One of the more famous Rodin works is that of The Thinker, which sees ST above in typical pensive mood, although having said that, I find it hard to spot the spectacles on the statue up there.

Finally, I have been unable to locate the name of this sculpture, but I’d imagine this is how Caitlin felt after being dragged around a delightful park imitating statues all afternoon.

Which leaves me to say: once again brilliant work in the name of Stand By Your Statue Caitlin and SwissToni! I will start to award gold stars one of these days…


SwissToni said...

...that bowling action had you hopping around a few times, my friend (although I was - of course - more famous for my exploits with the bat).

As for that last statue, it's one of the studies Rodin did for the burghers of Calais (I think) or for one or other of the bigger pieces that he did for something or other. The Last Judgement, possibly.

Does that clear that up?



(it was actually quite tricky getting some of these photos as it was very busy in there that day (hence the thinker is done from some distance). We had a bunch of americans following us around and deciding it was a brilliant idea - which it is - and copying us when we had finished. Maybe they'll send you their photos too?)

John said...

Bowling action?
Morrissey action, more like.

Ballerina said...

This is truly a cultural breakthrough!! A very dynamic series of SBYS for two very talented (?) standers. Hooray for Swisstoni and Caitlin!!

SwissToni said...

by the way, Caitlin stands by statues pretty much unprompted these days.