Monday, September 04, 2006

Double Dutch...

Ahem, so I have been rooting through my old email inbox this evening, and I have discovered these statues that were sent to me waaaaay back in March! Humble apologies for the slight technical problems there. Anyway, waaaaay back in March, Sarah and Sir Lord Bargain bizarrely decided to undertake a mission to Holland for a long weekend to watch some utterly random Dutch Eredivisie (first division?) football, the mission log from which can be read here and here.

Not only did they get the chance to see some total Dutch football being played live, but they also stumbled upon some fine football statues outside the PSV Eindhoven stadium. And so above we find Lord Bargain tackling Coen Dillon, while below sees Sarah imitating the quite superbly named Willy Van der Kuijlen!

Now I have had a quick poke around the interweb, and all I can report is that these guys were basically PSV Eindhoven footballing legends. Have no fear though as LB and Sarah had the foresight to take pictures of the plaques on the statues, which, as you can see below, reveal so much more ;-)

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