Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bobo Is Back!

My apologies for the intermittent nature of posts recently. Hopefully I can make up for it by posting a few snaps from Bobo’s latest travels around the world! Last seen out in Australia, we here at statue towers are delighted to hear that Bobo has been investigating some Scandinavian statues for us in recent times…

The first statue above was discovered by Bobo and travelling partner Siôn in Skansen – a kind of a history/wildlife park in Stockholm. I have been told by the legend Bobo himself that, despite taking lessons to impress the blondes, he didn’t really understand much about the statue at all as the Swedish on the plaque was beyond his language abilities. The imitation, right down to the fauna he holds, is a fantastic one, it has to be said.

The second photo was also taken in Stockholm and features Bobo and friend having a mutual leg crossing moment.

Finally, Bobo travelled across the border to Finland, where he found time to stand *on* the reading statue outside the library in the city of Tampere. Can you spot him?!

Many thanks to Siôn once again for updating us on Bobo's latest movements.


Ballerina said...

At the risk of sounding rather sappy, I'm going to say it anyway--how cute! Thanks, Statue John!

Hannah said...

Im sorry but how is that techinaly a person? Oh well, as ballerina said, it's really cute!! :-)