Monday, July 18, 2005

Celebrity Stand By Your Statue

Once again my apologies for the technical difficulties last week, which prevented me from posting a few more statues, along with people standing by them.

To make up for this, I thought I’d treat you to what I hope will become a regular series, namely pictures of celebrities stood by and imitating their own statues! Are you a celebrity? Are you famous enough to have had a statue erected of you? Do you have a photo of you Stood By your Statue? If so, then please email them in!

And so, enough small talk, who is the first celebrity to send their photo in I hear you ask?

*huge great drum roll*

Why it is none other than Bert, famous superstar from the TV series Sesame Street. Nice to see that his good friend Ernie was able to look on as Bert stands by his staue of Bert.

Nice one Bert!

(rumours that Bert is evil are scandalous and untrue in my opinion. He’s a legend, simple as that).


Poll Star said...

I was expecting you to start with Kylie. You should get sponsorship from Madam Tussards.

John said...

Is a waxwork a statue?

It's a minefield that one.

Statue John said...

Waxwork, eh?

Block of concrete...

red one said...

What's happened to Bert's statue's nose?



Emily said...

Re: Bert's nose, I seem to recall (from happy childhood days watching Sesame Street) that non-statue Bert's nose was occasionally removed. Not as frequently as Eeyore's tail, but I do seem to remember it happening from time to time. More research may be needed!