Thursday, July 14, 2005

An Interuption to the Service...

Dear All,

My apologies for the lack of updates this week, as the interweb has been down at home and I have been unable to post any pictures. I have tried all of the correct measures to fix this technical problem, such as turning it off and on again, smacking it with a hammer and setting it on fire, but to no avail.

In the meantime, please get out there and take photos of folks stood by their statues and send them in (to the email address in my profile) and I will endeavour to publish them and talk about the beautiful statues and countries of the world. Many thanks to those that have sent in their photos, some more of which I will be publishing next week (technical difficulties permitting).

Yours apologetically,

Statue John


Traveler's Advocate said...

You know, friend, I've never been a big one to take pictures of people BY statues but I love taking pictures OF statues. I also love fountains and architecture in general. If you want fountains, Italia is the best place of all. I love that country. It's more than a dream and hobby: it's a love affair. My girlfriend may grow to hate it but I love that country. Ever made it there? Being in the UK that's probably a no-brainer but I had to ask. Cheers!

Statue John said...

Hey Traveler's Advocate. Unfortunately i've yet to have the pleasure of visiting Italy. Have always been waiting for someone special and female to visit the country with ;) Not quite happened yet!

I have, however, posted a few statues from Italy in the past and couldn't agree more with your sentiments.