Sunday, September 07, 2008

Been a While…


Ahem, not been round these parts for quite some time. Although I have yet to see said article, rumour has it that this website was mentioned in the UK Guardian Guide on Saturday. Indeed, I’ve just found it! Thanks to whoever compiled that list. (Don’t know about you, but there is one site on the list that particularly stands out for me!)

Some fine timing as well, as…well, you know…I’ve not quite managed to update the site for a bit, and this should kind of inspire me to post some more statues! There’s still a great big bunch in the archives. Feel free to email me in any form of statue imitation pics to the email address over there if you want, and they will get published eventually. I’ll try not to take another five months off like…

So, by way of reintroduction, this is Statue John, reporting back for duty! In the photo above I am stood next to…..

...well, it’s Robert Stolz actually, a famous Austrian conductor and composer. This monument resides in the beautiful Viennese City Park in Vienna. Not the first time I’ve stood next to a bald headed statue. (Many thanks to SwissToni for the pics).


Anonymous said...

You're alive!


SwissToni said...

no one else could stand next to that one better than you. no one. Not even Robert Stolz.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ

I believe the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve might give him a push.

Separated at birth?
Ben Bernanke [ ]

and our very own intripid imitator of statues

SwissToni said...

er.... no contest?