Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tall and Small Players Of Aussie Football…

Having taken a sortie from statue standing last time round with chainsaw carvings, tonight I am going to do the same with a brief foray into the world of the cardboard cut-out (something we’ve featured before on this here site if you poke your mouse here, here & here!). Tonight’s cardboard cut-outs reside in the tremendously tacky Australian Football League museum in Melbourne. Aussie rules football is pretty much the national sport down under, and the museum featured both the smallest and tallest players to have played in the footy league.

Unsurprisingly, above we found the smallest player, Mr Tony Liberatore, who stands at 163cm, expertly portrayed by travelling companion Mr Poll. Even though he was incredibly small, “Libba” was one of the great Aussie rules players, winning the player of the season award in 1990. By way of contrast, below we find Mr Aaron Sandilands, whose height is a whopping 211cm, as tackled by yours truly (a generous 178cm). He’s still playing for the Fremantle Dockers club in Western Australia.

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John said...

I believe you both saw said giant play at the Oval in the summer of 2005 when we went to that exhibition game between Freemantle and the West Coast Eagles. As I recall, the weirdest thing about him was the size of his feet. It looked so improbable when he managed to jump off the ground.