Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lounging Likenesses…

There’s nothing like growing a big beard and having a good ole lie down eh?! We here at statue towers are firm advocates of a good lie down, and so this evening I am inspired to publish this photo of Aussie travelling companion Kathrin doing just that! The bearded statue man having a lie down here is located in Heideberg, near Frankfurt. A quality bit of resting there, Kathrin.

Not such a good bit of resting, but I was also inspired to take a lie down myself when visiting the statue heaven that is Rome earlier on this year, as you can see below. Yet another bearded wonder, located near the brilliant Capitoline Museum.

Contained within this museum, we found yet another bearded fellow. This guy was huge, and he stimulated Mr Poll to have a good ole lie down as well! An absolutely genius piece of imitation this one, especially when you consider the 20-30 people looking on. Bella!

These are the first two of around 60 statues that we found during a six-day stay in the statue mantra that is Italy earlier on this year, just to warn you. I should have them all published by June next year at this rate!

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Ballerina said...

Keep it up, Statue John!!Oh wait, in Italiano, bellisimo!