Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Salzburg Statues…

It has been soooo long that I have featured any photos sent in by esteemed visitors, so I best get along with posting a few of those this week. Tonight’s efforts were sent in by Nora (above), and feature her and friends strolling around the Mirabell gardens in Salzburg, Austria. They do sound like very pleasant gardens it has to be said, and quite a veritable treasure trove for all sorts of statues. Always nice to feature another lion statue on this site.

This is friend, Annelise.

And this photo has been sent to me entitled ‘stupid and ugly’!

Thanks to Nora for sending them in. I also have a load of statues to post at some stage from a trip to Vienna earlier on this year, just to warn you.


darksunshine said...

i came across ur blog. the idea is so amazin-so many poses by statues across so many countries.
never visited india?

Statue John said...

Hey darksunshine...

Thanks for the kind comments. I have been fortunate to have visited India, but sadly did not stand by any statues while there, as was a bit busy on a work trip. Amazing country.

If there are any pictures you can send in then please do so.


Poll Star said...

You still about? or my e-mail not getting thru again?

see West ham are bottom already!