Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It’s A Boonanza!

And so to the last cricket statue for now…

When you visit the state of Tasmania, located in an island south of Australia, for cricket enthusiasts there is only really one player that springs to mind. There we were in this particular players beautiful hometown of Hobart earlier on this year, when we had a bit of spare time on our hands. We decided to pay a visit to the cricket stadium, as you do, just on the off chance that there may be some form of monument to our favourite Tasmanian cricketer…

…and sure enough there was!

David Boon is the quintessential Aussie cricketing legend. Indeed, he is an Australian Icon. First of all, let me give you his cricketing stats: he was a dogged batsman who was one of Australia’s most prolific run scorers in test matches, playing 107 games and scoring over 7,000 runs. He was also a very proficient fielder always standing close in at the batsmen giving them a determined stare. As this picture reveals, when you had Boony giving you the death stare when you were batting, it was a terrible sight.

Oh yes, David Boon has a glorious moustache! When it came to imitating his portly statue, using a piece of bark and some chewing gum, I like to think that I did his ‘tache some justice! Below is the front on view of this glorious monument:

Whereas here is the side-on view:

My travelling companion Mr Poll also had a go:

It was off the pitch, however, where Boony achieved notoriety. He was something of a cult figure for his drinking exploits and singing of team songs. He famously vomited on the hallowed Adelaide Oval turf in a domestic game in 1988 before a live nationwide TV audience of millions (he went on to make 122 and win Man Of The Match).

Perhaps his most famous exploit, however, was achieved on the flight over from Sydney to London before an important Ashes series in 1989, on which Mr Boon consumed 52 cans of beer. The previous record had been held by Rod Marsh (another proud moustache wearer), who it is believed consumed 45 cans, although there is conjecture as to whether Marsh actually finished can number 45, and some believe his attempt only equalled the record of 44 cans set by Doug Walters. When taking in to account these tremendous drinking feats, one has to take in to account the fact that with the majority of these cans consumed at such an altitude the effects of the alcohol were doubled! Sadly this record is never likely to be touched, as cricket is a far more professional game these days. A pity.

Rumours that the speed limit in Tasmania was set at 52 km/hour in honour of this record are unfounded sadly.

David Boon is such a cult figure in his country that there is even a DavidBoonFacts website created for him (in much the same vein as the Chuck Norris one). There is no doubt that this is one of the finest statues we have featured on this site. Below is another picture of the glorious statue on its own. All that leaves me to say is cheers Boony! You beauty!

Tasmania is a beautiful place, by the way. Strongly reccommended if you like walking and the great outdoors. I’m off for an extended weekend camping in the Malverns now, but shall return to more non sporting statues next week. Have a great weekend out there…

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