Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Large Larry Looms…

Okay so we’ve featured him before, but we’d travelled for a many an hour on a very straight and boring road up towards Adelaide in searing 40-degree heat, until we encountered the beautiful Big Lobster, affectionately known as Larry to the locals. We had been counting down the hours until we reached the town of Kingston where Larry lives, as there was very little else to see.

Larry the Big Lobster stands at around 18 metres tall and weighs four tonnes. Just behind the whopping crustacean stands a grand little gift shop, where you can purchase all your Larry merchandise including fridge magnets, stubby holders and snowdomes. It really is a very classy tourist destination.

Larry was a bit difficult to imitate though. My travelling companion, Mr Wondering Pollstar, went for the wave your pincers in the air motion above, whereas I went for the pincers downwards movement below.

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