Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Statue Standing Star...

Just down the boardwalk from the Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong is this monument, which welcomes you to the Avenue of Stars, an area celebrating the Hong Kong’s movie industry. The biggest star of this particular evening had to be Kinnie though, better half of friend Des, and making her statue imitating debut.

The first reason for being a star was that she was around seven months pregnant when taking on this statue pose. However, the main reason for being a star was for simply meeting up with me in the first place. Having flown for around thirteen hours I turned up on the Friday evening to meet Des and we immediately headed out from the airport to a very nice restaurant for dinner, where upon meeting up with Kinnie I was told was that it was their wedding anniversary. I had no idea! It was their wedding anniversary and they had to put up with my ugly mug over the dinner table! Geez. In what should have been a lovely romantic evening, Kinnie ended up throwing this strange pose in the name of Stand By Your Statue.

So to Des and Kinnie, in particular, thanks ever so much for having me at this time, and thanks for a great weekend in Hong Kong. If I am ever to have a second wedding anniversary, then you both shall be the first to be invited.


SwissToni said...

I'm sorry, but the FIRST to be invited?

Oh God. Your poor future wife.


Ballerina said...

What a lovely girl! I wish her as well as her husband a happy new baby. Hey, Statue John, maybe she has a friend for you------