Monday, May 28, 2007

Duplicate Of The Don...

*holds up hand and admits the truth*

I am just completely rubbish at updating this site eh? Two and a half years of posting statues has taken its toll a bit sadly, and I am a bit bereft of inspiration at the moment. I also have a gargantuan amount of statues in the archives, which is weighing kind of heavily. Still that’s no excuse really, and don’t let that stop you from emailing your photos in.

*slaps self on wrist*

Anyway, we continue on our slightly irregular statue jaunt this evening with this fine statue of Sir Donald Bradman. This isn’t the first statue of the Don we’ve had on the site, and it certainly won’t be the last. The man is an utter legend throughout Australia and there’s a fair few statues of him around. Visit any bar in the country and you are also guaranteed to find a picture or some memorabilia of his cricketing prowess.

For those of you unaware of Sir Don, he is the greatest cricket batsman of all time. Period. This statue of him was located inside the MCG cricket ground, through which we took a very interesting tour. The MCG is possibly the greatest sports stadium in the world, as I hope the picture below illustrates.

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