Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Further Red Star Replications…

My apologies as a dodgy broadband connection out here in the sticks has prevented me from posting any statues for a while. It’s all in working order again now, so I shall try and play catch up and post loads over the coming weeks…

Some of you may remember way back last June, we begun a little journey around the statue nirvana that is Statuepark, near Budapest, Hungary. Well, 11 months later and we’re nearly there!

Once again thanks to friends Laura and Rich for delivering another couple of fine ex-communist monument imitations. There are still a couple more to go from their collection but I should have them up on the site within a year of receiving them hopefully! Not quite sure how long it’ll take to post the 40ish statues discovered on my recent trip to Oz….a decade maybe?

When hunting around the Statuepark website, sadly I couldn’t find any further information on these particular monuments. I did, however, find this cracking picture of someone imitating a red star by the entrance to the park. Hope it suffices!

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