Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Australian Adventures…

Greetings all, best wishes for the New Year, and welcome to Year Three of Stand By Your Statue. Geeez, I was only supposed to be doing this for six months or so!

Thanks to all for sending in loads more statues over the past month or so, replenishing up the archives very nicely. I shall endeavour to publish as many as I can over the next two weeks, ‘cos…

...after that, I’m heading off to do a bit of travelling myself. Gonna be meeting this chap above, the Pollster (last seen on this site in Zimbabwe). He’s moved on to Australia now, and this photo was taken in Kings Park, in Perth, Western Australia.

Kings Park is a beautiful park, and gives you some wonderful views of the city. Contained within is the Pollster, giving it his best impression of a John Forrest, an ace explorer who discovered many parts of Western Australia. I am not such a champion explorer, but am hugely looking forward to spending some time out in the bush nonetheless. I will attempt to update this site a bit when I am away, but just to warn you that these could be a little intermittent. So, no change there really!

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