Monday, June 19, 2006

Commando Capers...

*pops his head around the door*

Ahem, hello! Sorry for going AWOL last week. I have been embracing the World Cup a bit too freely to be honest, although I have noticed that Blog output in general has suffered a bit recently ;-) Anyways, I’m gonna try and do something I haven’t done in aaaaages this week, namely post one picture a night. And so, we continue…

A few weeks ago, we entered the Scottish highlands and we return there this evening to the Commando Memorial. Near to the village of Spean Bridge, it serves as a memorial to those who fought and died in WW2 in the area. It goes without saying that Housemate John pulls off the commando look with much aplomb.

1 comment:

SwissToni said...

... if he'd been in one of those little commando dinghies on a mission, then I fear it may have sunk.

Perhaps he's officer material: born to push figures around on a giant map with a long stick.