Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Musical Mimicry...

Waaay back in May 2005 my friend Katie went on holiday in South Africa, and while searching the statue photo vaults this evening I found this photo from said trip. Ahem, better late then never eh!

(The first rule of Stand By Your Statue (SBYS) is that all photos that I receive do eventually get published, so hang in there those who are waiting! Incidentally, the second rule of the SBYS club is that you must talk about SBYS at all available opportunities).

This photo features Katie and her Mum tackling a rather easier statue than the one I published last May, although it does involve them using bottles of water as musical instruments (Katie playing the pipe on the left and Mom a harp on the right).

1 comment:

Ballerina said...

This is one of the absolute best "Stands" that you have found! It was worth the wait!!! Thanks, SJ!