Thursday, May 05, 2005

Like Mother Like Daughter Like Statue...

First of all, my apologies for not posting for a while. I have been struck down by a virus lately, which seems to have returned over the past week :( I am also a fundamentally lazy man, which doesn’t help matters. Ahem…

Anyway, to make up for it, I bring you this classic story of mother and daughter and a pair of baboons. Pictured above are Maudie Beardall, mother of my friend Katie (seen before on this very site), and a statue of a baboon. Mum and baboon are very much enjoying the sunshine in Capetown, South Africa, earlier on this year. In the photo here, Maudie is attempting some brilliant pre-preparation in order to imitate the baboon.

Hang on a minute, I hear you say, that statue of a baboon has her baby daughter baboon perched upon her back. Enter daughter Katie, to help mum Maudie with the imitation of mother and daughter baboon, no doubt to the amusement of many onlookers.

Finally, the perfect imitation of mother and daughter baboon by mother and daughter! Hooray!

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