Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flag Fantasies...

Tonight we say hi to Jamie, last seen in these parts tackling Stonehenge. Here we find Jamie imitating a man with a huge flag, with a particularly fine facial expression it has to be noted.

I know that this statue resides somewhere in San Francisco, and I really ought to know more, as I have asked Jamie twice in the past as to the details of the monument, but seem to have lost the emails with the information on. I’m too embarrassed to ask again so I’ll have to leave it at that I’m afraid!

I'm afraid also that I shan't be able to blog tomorrow, as we are undertaking an annual pilgrimage to the Cheltenham racing festival. A new statue was unveiled today at Cheltenham of the famous horse Best Mate. Rest assured your correspondent here will seek out said statue to take all the photographic evidence!

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