Thursday, September 15, 2005

Replicas in Reykjavik...

More statues from South Korea next week folks, but tonight I want to chat about one of my favourite cities (and favourite countries) in the world – Reykjavik - in Iceland. The selection of statues presented here are somewhat typical of the northernmost capital cities in the world.

First of all though, I have to introduce and say great thanks to Ms Hannah Jones, at nine years old the youngest Stand By Your Statuee to date! So, a big hats off to Hannah for some great photos. Indeed, another record has been broken here in that these are the most northerly statues featured so far on the site, all of which are located in Reykjavik.

Iceland is just a stunning place to visit (as these pictures testify), especially if you have a love of the great outdoors. Packed full of wild volcanic landscapes, mountains, glaciers, hot springs, geysers and waterfalls it really is a stunning country to travel around, although best head there in the summer months when you can enjoy the scenery in nearly 24 hour of daylight each day. Reykjavik is a colourful, charming and picturesque city, with a fantastically thriving nightlife, which is probably the result of the fact that during winter the country tends to hibernate in just two hours of daylight each day, giving plenty of time for nightlife!

I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland around five years ago as part of a conservation trip (through this great organisation). We camped up on the north coast next to a seal colony, where we built a shelter using our finest dry stone walling techniques, so that visitors could come and watch the seals and shelter from the elements. Unfortunately we didn’t quite finish the shelter in the two weeks we spent there (not managing to construct a roof), so if anyone out there has visited these seals (which I believe is up near the remote town of Ísafjörður) and could tell me whether our construction was completed then please let me know. Alternatively, it could just be a big pile of rocks now!


SwissToni said...

Hannah - those are GREAT photos. Good work!


red one said...

Well done, Hannah, I loved these pics, especially the top one!

Statue John - hope you're feeling better.


Jan said...

great pictures of those living statues

Alexandria said...

I was so happy to see pictures of Iceland! I'm an American who just moved from there, and now living in Northern Ireland to study. Iceland is a beautiful place, I'm sure your trip a few years back was amazing. I was considering sending in a few pics of my own...but they're of the same statues, so thats probably not a brilliant idea!
Well done, Hannah!

Lord Bargain said...

that is a great set of photos.

although my nipper is technically the youngest SBYS-ist to date, isn't she?

Sorry to rain on Hannah's parade, there....

Statue John said...

Ahem, Mr Bargain, my apologies you are indeed correct. Memory is failing me since I've hit thirty. Link to Maddie's great work here..

Hamburger said...

Point of order, point of order!

While there is no doubt we have in Maddie a Youngest Ever Statue Stander of the future, it can't yet be said that she has strictly STOOD by a statue.

I say the title remains Hannah's - at least until young Miss Bargain finds her feet!