Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mini-Ramses III

Staying in Egypt, tonight we take a crusie down the Nile to the mysterious southern city of Luxor, home to a myriad of beautiful temples, as well as the Valley of the Kings.

In this photo we find Nick Parkhouse assisting his daughter Maddie in a spot of Stand By Your Statue training in front of a statue of Ramses III at the temple of Medinet Habu, on the outskirts of Luxor.

The age differential between Ramses III and his imitator, mini-Ramses III (ahem, Maddie), is quite phenomenal at approximately 3,175 years! A fantastic effort to imitate the last great pharaoh at such a young age!

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lornadahl said...

Wow, this is really nice. Hope I can get to go to Egypt someday. =)