Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Woeful Wicker Endeavour…

Blimmin’ lens caps.

I took this snap on the Friday of the festival and found out around 24 hours later that my lens cap had been playing silly buggers on me! Or maybe it was the pear cider?

First of all, my humble apologies to the three lovely female companions who took the time from their hectic festival schedules to stand by their fantastic wicker lady statues. From left to right we have: Caitlin (stood next to the wicker lady with her head cut off), Emma C (whom probably profits the most from the lens cap incident by standing in the middle, but who kind of misses out on this great opportunity by getting the imitation spot on in all aspects, bar the direction in which the statue is looking), and, finally, stood to the right we have Kate……..ahem…….although we should do, if the lens cap hadn’t got stuck and totally blacked her out.

So, erm, yes, most apologies to Kate, who stood by and imitated her wicker statue, more than likely in front of several bemused onlookers, for no apparent benefit!

Anyhoo, the wicker statues also resided in the green fields at Glastonbury, and chances are that they would have been burned at some stage near the end of the festival. Good job we were able to picture some of the evidence eh?!

Oh, and I should probably warn you that this wasn’t the first photo mishap of the festie. More coming soon…

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