Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Benchsitting Bedlam...

Very nice to see that some kind-hearted people appreciate the fact that statues should enjoy a nice sit down too.

Many thanks to Lorna for sending me this photo of her daughter Emily, comfortably Sat Alongside Her Statue on a bench in Seattle. This is a fine example of a statue sat by his hat alongside a girl who is sat by her hat. I wonder what they’re looking at?

Unbelievably, there is another bench in Seattle on which a statue is taking a break, and Lorna has another daughter, Sarah, who is also Sat By Her Statue. Who’d have thought it!

A little bit of research has uncovered that these statues are named He and She, in case you were curious.


Rik said...

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Very interesting to read, so I bookmarked it.
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Anonymous said...

See you blew past 20,000 fairly easily. Nice one

I see there has been another sub-category (within your already new sitting sub-cat.) from your second picture....not so much sitting by, as sitting by and mirror imaging your statue


John said...

The ladies love your site. If I didn't know you better, I'd think the whole thing was just some sort of rouse to get you a date...