Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Take Your Statue by the Hand...

Continuing with the visitors’ gallery, this evening we take a slight diversion away from the art of statue imitation to one of taking your statue by the hand. This theme is inspired from this great shot of Wayne Deacon, in which he is shaking the hand of an important member of the town of St Augustine in Florida as he receives the keys to the city. Stand By Your Statue extends its hearty congratulations to Wayne for this remarkable feat!

On a similar theme, in this picture my housemate John is engaged in a particularly fine looking game of ring-a-ring o roses with some school kids in a snowy Chicago, although the kids seem to be pushing him a bit too fast, as he seems to have lost the hand of the girl in the green skirt when I took this photo.


John said...

Nice work Wayne.
Nice work John.

Wait a moment!

Given yesterday's discussion, we need to get Wayne and John together at that airport and standing either side of the statue of John Wayne.

If only we had friends called Nelson and Column.

It's a whole new category!

SwissToni said...

I want to see the photo immediately after this one - the one where John realises that his hand has frozen onto the statue.....

(and it's also amazing how easy I find it to believe that he was stuggling to keep up... with a statue)


jonnadee said...

Tag--you're it!