Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handy in Hungary...

I believe we are heading back to a beloved place of this website this evening. These hands are located at Statue Park, in Budapest, Hungary. Although it appears to have had a rename in recent times to Memento Park. It proudly proclaims to host "The Biggest Statues of the Darkest Dictatorship"!
Not sure which dictator's hands are these, but I believe the human hands are those of Jamie H. Some delightful work in replicating the stone ball with a rock! Thanks to other half Katie for posting the photo in Facebook way back in August 2008.


Unknown said...

Keep it going statue John. At the very least I know you have Andrea and myself in St Pancras

Unknown said...

Hello, John. I stumbled upon your blog back when you first started it. A few days ago, a friend posted a picture of him imitating a statue, and I googled you. "Blog about statues" turned you up as the third or fourth link. I was happy to find you again.

swisslet said...

You're rubbish at this. Seriously. Call this a comeback?

swisslet said...

also, Jandrea Valdipoll? Seriously? WTF is up with that?

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