Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Lueger Three …

When you’ve got a half-day to spare in a foreign city, what better way to pass the time than wandering around in search of statues? We found this monument whilst meandering around the centre of Vienna. Up top, it features a Mr Karl Lueger, who was mayor of the city at the turn of the twentieth century. I’m not too sure who the other two chaps are to be honest, although I am guessing they are part of his workforce, as he was famous for creating the public transport system in the city, on which we travelled on to find the statue!

I do love a good spot of teamwork when it comes to statue imitation. This team is yours truly on the right, Pollster on the left and SwissToni in the middle, just two days after he became a married man. Good on you team. I think we’ve done good!