Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Where Have All The Statues Gone?

I hear you ask?!

Greetings and happy 2006 to all who stumble upon this website from time to time. I hope you all had a lovely festive period. I took a total break from all things computers, which was nice, and so have only just returned to the blogsphere.

First of all, I have decided to make an important alteration to the Stand By Your Statue mandate. You may recall that a few months ago, I decided that a vague plan for this site was to obtain a picture of someone stood by their statue in every capital city on this planet. I have since decided that this was a slightly foolish idea, and so have settled upon revising this to simply posting a photo of a statue and imitator in just every country of the world…

Whilst I am here I thought I’d share a few statistics from Stand By Your Statue in 2005. Given that the vague plan was to keep this going for six months or so, I am kind of surprised to still be here almost one year later, so thanks again to all who have commented and contributed. There are still many more statues and statistics in the archives too….

And so, the vital statistics!

Number of countries covered: 24 (out of 192, and so we are a whopping 12.5% nearer to achieving the above goal!)

Most popular statue countries (in order): United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil.

Number of statues posted: 140

Number of Australian Big Things posted: 2

Number of Monkey statues: 8

Number of Lion/Tiger statues (Grrrrr): 5

Finally, I have attempted to set up a couple of polls so that you can vote for your favourite statue moment of the year. These contain twenty of the finest statues as picked by me. Feel free to vote for as many statues as you want. Hopefully it'll work!

Statue Of The Year Part 1

Statue Of The Year Part 2

Oh, and this statue (or rather) non-statue was found in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden, where I was fortunate to visit in December. It wasn’t me who stole it before you ask...


Statue John said...

It would appear that the polls do not work on anyone's computers apart from my own - pesky internet polls and html geeky stuff! I am on the case and should hopefully have them fixed for tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

It worked on my computer!! And I'm glad that you are still being "Statue John"!! Keep going!