Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Dryburgh Duplicate...

Has it really been 1,346 days since I last made a blog post?! That's a pretty poor effort. Is there a prize for the worst blogger in the world ever?

First of all, thanks to Mr Poll below for his role in being the front page of this blog for the best part of four years. You're probably getting a bit bored of him now though eh? I think we should move on...

Anyway, some time ago I was dusting through the Adams family archives when I came across this picture of Granny Adams. Although technically not a perfect statue imitation, it's was heartwarming to know that there has been statue interest in the family for a while. Some research has uncovered that she is stood in the gardens of Dryburgh Abbey just south of Edinburgh in Scotland. Good on you Granny Lib!

So, yes, let's continue posting some statues. I don't want to make any bold promises about the frequency, but, y'know, I can say that it won't be another 1,346 days until the next post.

For the unitiated, this website is a dedicated portal to the artform that is statue imitation. We are attempting to post pictures of lovely people imitating a statue in each and every country of the world! So far, down there on your right hand side, you'll see the countries that we've featured so far and the fact that we've made it to a respectable 26% of globl coverage.

Please feel free to send me your statue photos from around the world! They will get published eventually. My email address is also to the right there in the contact me section. There's even a Facebook page. I'm not sure about that Twitter business mind.

I'm really quite excited about the prospect of posting more statues. Below are a few classics from the archives.


 Goodbye for now...

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