Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Strumming Statue Stop-off…

I stumbled upon this fine photo when taking a look around the Stand By Your Statue Facebook group earlier on today. It features A Mr David Sachs stood by a weird guitarist fellow at a tuck stop between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel! It’s these types of monuments that would otherwise never be bought to the world’s attention if it wasn’t for this silly site.

(It also means adding another county to the big list over there and updating the stats box, which is probably the most exciting thing I’ve achieved today! Expect a few more new countries to be added during the week)


Anonymous said...

Tuck shop?
Did they sell fuzzy cola bottles & Nice & Spicy Nik Naks?
I'll have a turkey mayo roll to go with those ta!

Anonymous said...

oh the inevitability of pointing out other people's typos...

Why did i even bother eh?