Monday, February 11, 2008

A Carbonite Copy…

A bit shocking this, in that I received this photo way back in August last year, and it kind of got lost on my computer and have only just found it. So, first off, humble apologies to Mr Mark Reed for the delay. Secondly, huge thanks to Mark for a most excellent submission!

Okay, so technically he’s not stood by a statue, but he is stood by a legend who’s been frozen in carbonite, so that’s okay! Oh yes.

To those few who are unfamiliar this is Han Solo. In short, following a tip off from the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, Hans and his mate’s location (in a galaxy far far away) was passed on to Darth Vader, an evil type of guy, who caught Han and tortured him somewhat. After that, he froze him in carbonite and returned him to Boba Fett as a reward. Boba wanted to return Han to Jabba the Hutt you see, as he owed him loads of cash and there was a significant bounty on his head.

Anyway, this picture was taken at the Star Wars Exhibition in London in August last year, and what a quality picture it is. Cheers Mark! Apparently this is the 300th blog entry I’ve made on this site…a fine way to bring up the triple century I reckon.

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Planet Me said...

fame at last!