Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hiking Around Hobart…

When you’ve got a bit of time to spare when exploring some far flung city, then what better thing to do than to wander around in search of some interesting statues to imitate? We found these two statues while wandering around Hobart, the capital of the state of Tasmania, an island off the south coast of Australia.

First of all we found the above statue of Mr Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, who headed the first European expedition to reach the island of Tasmania back in 1642. Although he originally named this land Van Dieman’s Land, Tasmania is now named after him. As is the Tasman Peninsula, the Tasman Bridge, the Tasman Sea, the Tasman Highway… Performing excellent imitation duties is the soon not to be Wondering Pollstar.

We also found this statue below, which I shouldn’t really be publishing, as it contains a particularly poor statue blooper. I’ve got the stance perfected, the feet in the right position, the head slant and facial expressions sussed, but I’ve only gone and got my arms mixed up! So, I can only offer my sincere apologies to Mr William Lodewyk Crowther, politician and long-time resident of Hobart.

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