Friday, September 28, 2007

Vietnamese Guards…

It’s nigh on time I added another country to the sidebar over there, so tonight we sail up the South China Sea to Vietnam. Around half way up the coast of Vietnam is the city of Hue, near which you can find the tomb complex of the Emperor Tue Duc. This Emperor ruled as part of the Nguyen dynasty from 1848-83, and begun work on designing his tomb complex a little prematurely in 1864.

He spent some of his later years in at a palatial retreat in this complex along with some of the 100 wives he enjoyed during his lifetime, so he was quite a busy man!

These photos feature friend Sarah’s travelling companion Helen kneeling next to a couple of guards on a trip to South East Asia earlier on this year. The guards had to be shorter than the man himself, which was a bit of a problem as he was a fairly small man, apparently. Please take note of the genius use of knees on flip-flops...!

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SwissToni said...

the flip-flops are a nice touch, I agree, but what makes these photos for me are Helen's SERIOUS face. Nice work!