Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pigeons, Seagulls and Caitlin (and Statues)…

Way back in May, Mr Swiss Toni and his far better half Caitlin went on a short little sortie to Paris. I have it on reliable evidence that Caitlin was stood here for a good half an hour waiting for that elusive pigeon to perch upon on her head (reminds me of an out of duck episode). I’m really sorry as it is a little late, so I can only recognise from the photo that the statue is a ‘P. Corne….’?

And besides, I want to return to the fact that there is another species (apart from monkeys) that have a close affinity with statues, as these photos prove (with thanks to Sarah)! I believe they are from Canada, quite possibly Montreal.

So here we have a picture of a seagull sat on his King Edward VII.

And one sat on his Ignace Bourget ici!


Statue John said...

Indeed, I believe that last photo is the first recorded instance of a statue imitating a statue.


Ballerina said...

At least there is no picture of what birds leave behind when they perch on statues!! Lucky Caitlin!

SwissToni said...

It's Corneille - he's the French Shakespeare, innit?