Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kiwi Capers...

We welcome friend Kev (who I’m sure won’t mind me bigging up his workplace here, namely the Sobell House Hospice charity) and his finer half to Statue Towers this evening. I would say that these photos come fresh from a trip to New Zealand, but that would be slightly dishonest as I received these way back in May – there’s kind of a backlog to get through here so please bear with me!

Above we find Kev looking hugely athletic as he tackles the Bondi Surf Life savers statue, while below we see a huge statue of a fisherman with a cracking beard, which is located in the town of Greymouth.

Elsewhere, the Stand By Your Statue MySpace revolution continues at great pace ;-) Many thanks to those who have signed up and left comments and stuff – it’s all very humbling. I’ve chucked in a convenient MySpace link in the sidebar just below my profile for those of you that fancy a gander. Click on some of the profiles and check out some music if you have time...there's many talented folk out there.

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