Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fellow Statue Brothers And Sisters...

Just a quick post this morning, as I’m heading off home without much in the way of internet access for the next few days. There is a whole gallery of statue standing to share with you mind, so hope that makes up for the overall lack of postage…

Huge thanks to kindred spirit Chris Thomas for introducing himself and leaving a comment a couple of days ago. You may well have already seen these pics via his comment, but they do really deserve a post on their own. I’ve posted a selection from his gallery here anyway, and what a fantastic selection too, in particular the top shot – some fantastic teamwork on display there!

As I mentioned, more top statue standing can be found here. And I must say its great to hear that there are other strange folks out there with infatuations with statues. We salute you Chris and friends!

In other statue news, a 22ft statue of Ronaldinho has been torched in Southern Brazil following their World Cup exit. Stand By Your Statue condones such irresponsible behaviour.

1 comment:

Poll Star said...

Oh yes. We have a winner. There'll be no need to have a vote for this year's best Stand by Your Statue. The top photo is in a class of it's own-a very complex statue that requires 5 people. There's not even the hint of a rolled up jumper being used as a pretend baby.

In any case, it's much safer to just award the prize, rather than have a vote-the general public would probably just vote for anything with a small child in it.

What's that?

Oh right, that's what happened last year.

Top quality standing-the gauntlet is laid down and we all need to respond. I'm off to look for statues.