Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kopying Karl...

One last photo from a trip to Stockholm just before Xmas to share with you this evening, featuring a huge man with a sword. The man is Karl XII, King of Sweden between 1682 and 1718. When his father, also called Karl, passed away Karl was considered too young to take over as King at fourteen, but a year later he had proven the people wrong and was pronounced King, taking control of one of the most powerful kingdoms of Europe at the time. By all accounts he spent most of his time as King of Sweden at war. All of this at the age when we were first discovering smoking cigarettes behind the bikesheds!

If you want any more info on Swedish history at the time, you can either translate the plaque below, or click on this helpful link.

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Anonymous said...

Nice thing to do.... however why do you not do something for the world that u live in, and have a cast made of you for other people who have nothing better to do then be vicarious. gbh