Monday, February 13, 2006

Manatee Moves...

Hullo. Nice to be back here posting statues, following a grand holiday. Just a quick overdue statue from an anonymous visitor tonight, featuring a statue of a Manatee in Fort Meyers, Florida.

I was slightly unaware of this fantastic looking creature (found a couple of great pics here and here) – looking at these you can see why they are sometimes called sea cows. They habit in three main geographical areas: The Amazon, West Africa and around the West Indies, the later of which are also found in Florida. Sadly, the West Indian Manatee is an endangered species, as human expansion has reduced its natural habitat in the coastal marsh areas.

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Ballerina said...

Great picture!! Just in case you didn't know, Statue John, one of the greatest hazards to the Florida manatee is power boats--the manatees float just below the surface of boating lanes and are cut by propellers. They are also one of the Floridian endangered species portrayed on their license plates.