Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Taking The Michael...

It gives me much joy to share a second statue from Dublin, Ireland, this evening, again featuring a prominent politician from times gone by. Following the statue of Robert Emmet published in May; tonight it’s the turn of Michael Collins. But first of all I must big up friend Luke, a.k.a. the Noonster, seen here doing the Michael Collins.

As usual the fine resource that is Wilkpedia gives a far better description of Michael Collins than I could ever manage. But, in short, I shall give you my interpretation: Stir together 60ml of poteen, 20ml of lemon juice, ice cubes and sugar, in a tall glass until the sugar is dissolved. Top up with soda water, garnish with a cocktail stick, cherries and twisted orange and lemon slices. This gives you a perfect Michael Collins, a slightly lesser well-known member of the Collins cocktail family, when compared with the more famous Tom Collins ;-)

As they say in Dublin, slainte*!

* meaning cheers!

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Statue John said...

Ahem, i just kind of assumed that this statue was located in Dublin. It was not.

It is actually found in a town called Clonakilty in West Cork, close to the farmhouse in which he was born. (sorry Luke)

This is not the first time that i don't know what i'm talking about!