Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stand By Your Hand...

Unfortunately I haven’t got huge amounts of time to make a lengthy post this evening, so I thought I’d quickly share with you this big pair of hands, found by work colleague Will during a random search of the interweb.

This is not the first random Stand By Your Statue moment found while trawling through the web, and I am delighted to say that this is the second and third big thumb published on the site!

[If anyone out there can identify the person (and indeed the place) in the picture, then please let me know, and I will make a point of introducing and passing on much credit to her on the site. My detective skills tell me that the photo was taken in July 2001 if that helps!]


Anonymous said...

no sh*t sherlock..
lets have a big hand for SJ **groan**

sorry, its Friday, and it had to be done


John said...

What the hell kind of researcher are you anyway, mate?

The hands are located just outside Como station (about 60 miles from Milan on the shores of Lake Como.

The photograph is being taken by Mr Steve Sakovics and is of his wife, Mrs Nora Guy. You can e-mail them on this address, or you can visit their website and see all manner of photographs they have there.

Jeff Daseler has also visited the big hands and had someone take his picture. But then Jeff's a notorious statue-stander-besider / interactionist.

Nice work on the date though.

John said...

To be fair to you, I suppose you didn't have time for the research because you were coming round to my house to very kindly drive me to the pub.

If you want to e-mail her/him, the e-mail address is on their homepage. I think they should know they are famous.

Nora Guy said...

Oh yes, THAT picture!

That would be me (hi, I'm Nora) standing next to the big-ass hand we found while on our honeymoon in Italy.

So glad you enjoyed it! :)

Jeff Daseler said...

Just happened to be googling my name, and found that some random people were talking about me. Yes, the hand statue is located just down the stairs from the Como train station. And yes...I am notorious for posing with statues/sculptures. I did alot of that during the 3 months that I lived in Italy. Thanks for finding my pic and posting the link on here. Glad to know someone is looking at and enjoying them.