Monday, September 26, 2005

Land of the Tiger?

I was always of the impression that India was the land of the tiger, but we have evidence here that a couple of species can be found in South Korea.

Continuing an occasional series of folks who like to stand by their statues and go ‘Grrrrrr’, tonight’s tigers are SwissToni (above, funnily enough wearing his Ramones t-shirt) and Caitlin below.

Putting my occupational hat on for a moment, in economic terms the South Korean economy is often referred to as a ‘tiger’ economy. You probably didn’t need to know that.


Amy said...

I don't mind knowing that....

Ballerina said...

Me, either. Keep it up.

SwissToni said...

Hidori the tiger was the mascot of the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, fact fans.

Dunno much about the other tiger, except that it's male.