Monday, August 01, 2005

Further Redemption...

Many thanks to Erika (host of the marvellous blog the Grey City Manifesto) for sending in this snap from a recent trip to Brazil. We can’t get enough of the Christ the Redeemer statue here at Stand By Your Statue, and this shot provides a different angle of one of the most famous statues in the world.

Fortunately I’ve heard no tales of dodgy stomach upsets while this photo was being taken!

While sat here in another generally rainy British summer, one can’t help but daydream of the beaches, carnivals, caprihinas, soccer and samba of the Brazilian summertime – they do take their sun very seriously over there.


SwissToni said...

now there's a sight for sore eyes! Ka - as gorgeous and fragrant as ever!

mind you, they may take their sun seriously over there, but it looks a bit drizzly to me.


Ka said...

Yes, it most definitely was NOT sunny or summery that week in Rio. Then again, it was winter. 25 degrees and winter. I love Brazil.