Monday, June 13, 2005

Vegas Baby...

I am going to embarrass the Ultimate Olympian a little more this evening by posting this photo of his dad stood by a gigantic 20 foot naked man!

This can only mean one thing. We have arrived at the pleasure dome that is Las Vegas. I have never visited this city, but I’d imagine it would be a great pace to visit purely due to the fact that you could walk around shouting ‘Vegas Baby!’ repeatedly. I think this statue is actually a 20-foot Caesar extending his hand of welcome to Caesars Palace. Looking delighted at being Stood By His Caesar, we welcome Mr Rollo McClure into the Stand By Your Statue archives.

I have a feeling that Vegas Baby! will bear much fruit in terms of pictures of statues and people standing by them over the coming months…


Anonymous said...

Dear one.. this statue may be at Cesars Palas in Las Vegas... but it is a copy of Michael Angelos "DAVID"
The orginal as far as I know it is to be seen i Paris

ps... you can aways look up MichaelAngelo with if you need

This is a one of his great-well known works !

Best of all... Disa/Sweden

SwissToni said...

michael who?

Yes, it is one of his best known works. I hate to criticise, but before suggesting someone go to google and do their research, perhaps you might check yourself and see that the original is in Florence, and Statue John has already posted on it.


Transient visitors aren't what they used to be.


Lord Bargain said...

i had my wedding reception in Caesar's Palace, fact fans.

I dont remember seeing that great big thing, though. Although I had been married about an hour so I suppose was otherwise distracted at that point.