Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Tale Of Two Heads...

There are certain parts of town in which there is only enough space to install a statue of a head. It was good to see that my friends Laura (above) and Rich (below) were able to track down some of these statues of heads on a trip to Barcelona

Making a fine imitation of such a statue of a head in a wall by some ornate taps, is in fact Laura’s head and a bottle of water. Below we witness the likeness of a statue of a head of a lizard, alongside Richards’s head.

Although I am not 100 per cent certain on this I’m thinking at least one (if not both) of these statues of heads was bought to you courtesy of the Park Güell, a park located in Barcelona, and designed by that Antoni Gaudí fellow. A fine park to spend some time in, it has to be said.

[Stand By Your statue sends its birthday greetings to Rich (who normally hails from Oxford but currently resides in Denver)!! You should just about be able to knock off from work now…..have a good one!]


Elaine Supkis said...

Dear John,

We linked to your blog because of your amusing picture here.

Culture of Life News

We like your blog, hope our readers visit. Some of our readers live in England, too. Thanks! Elaine Supkis

D.F. Facti said...

Hello, John!
I am visiting via Elaine's blog (previous comment).

What a fantastic idea for a blog! God knows we need a little levity.
Thank you for this!